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  • Body care
  • Facial care
  • Consultation 30 BYN
  • Second consultation 10 BYN
  • Dermatoscopy by doctor's prescription
  • Dermatoscopy by doctor's prescription 20 BYN
  • Anestesia (1 vascular) 10 BYN
  • Removal of a dotted vessel with CO2 laser 10 BYN
  • Removal of pinpoint hemangiomas with CO2 laser
  • Face 250 BYN
  • Neck 170 BYN
  • Neckline 170 BYN
  • Breast 170 BYN
  • Belly 170 BYN
  • Back 200 BYN
  • Groin area 200 BYN
  • Hips 200 BYN
  • shins 170 BYN
  • Shoulders / forearms 170 BYN
  • Removal of vascular lesions/telangiectasias on QuadroStarPRO YELLOW
  • 1 linear vessel (up to 1cm) 30 BYN
  • each next vessel up to 1 cm each 20 BYN
  • 1 vessel in a difficult area (on the eye, lip, nose) 50 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (wings of the nose) - Couperosis 50 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (nose) - rosacea 80 BYN
  • Vessel removal (chin) - rosacea 80 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (above the upper lip) - rosacea 80 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (cheeks) - rosacea 120 BYN
  • Vessel removal (forehead) - rosacea 120 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (nose, cheeks) - rosacea 160 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (nose, cheeks, chin) - rosacea 180 BYN
  • Removal of blood vessels (nose, cheeks, chin, above the upper lip) - rosacea 200 BYN
  • Vessel removal (whole face) - rosacea 250 BYN
  • Removal of wine hemangiomas on QuadroStarPRO YELLOW
  • Removal of wine hemangioma according to size
  • to 10 сm2 50 BYN
  • tо 20 сm2 90 BYN
  • tо 30 сm2 120 BYN
  • tо 40 сm2 145 BYN
  • tо 50 сm2 170 BYN
  • tо 60 сm2 195 BYN
  • tо 70 сm2 215 BYN
  • tо 80 сm2 230 BYN
  • tо 90 сm2 240 BYN
  • tо 100 сm2 250 BYN


In the Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” removal of vascular pathologies is carried out usingQuadroStarPRO YELLOW yellow laser. The device is equipped with a reliable cooling system, thanks to which the skin is protected from overheating during the procedure. This laser works with children and adults without age restrictions.

  • Common information
  • ⏰Durationfrom 10 minutes
  • ✅How many procedures2-4 procedures
  • ?Recovery2-5 days
  • ?EquipmentQuadroStarRO YELLOW, EVOMATRIX
  • ?Pricefrom 30 BYN

During the procedure, a selective effect on the dilated vessels of focused light with a wavelength of 577 nm or more takes place. Radiation energy is selectively absorbed by blood hemoglobin. Due to the thermal effect, the temperature of the blood rises, it coagulates, and the walls of the capillaries are tightly soldered to each other. As a result, the lumen of the damaged vessel is completely closed. The blood in it ceases to circulate, and he himself becomes invisible.
Laser removal of blood vessels has a number of advantages over other methods of eliminating vascular formations on the skin:

    • Laser radiation acts locally only on the affected capillaries, without affecting healthy tissues.
    • The laser does not leave scars and burns on the skin.
    • When properly preparation for the procedure and following the recommendations of the cosmetologist during the rehabilitation period – the likelihood of side effects and complications is reduced to zero.
    • There is no need to use anesthesia, only in people with increased skin sensitivity, local anesthetics are used in the form of an ointment or gel.
    • The procedure is non-contact – the laser LED does not touch the skin, which reduces the risk of infection.
    • The possibility of using the laser therapy method in patients with any type of skin.


  • Oncology, regardless of the location and stage of the pathological process.
  • Tendency to form keloid scars.
  • Disorders of the blood coagulation system.
  • Severe somatic diseases. < li>Skin diseases (dermatosis, infections) in the laser area.
  • Psychic disorders with a tendency to convulsions (epilepsy).
  • Pregnancy, lactation.

How is the procedure?

  • The patient’s eyes are protected from laser radiation with special glasses.
  • The skin of the face is treated with an antiseptic.
  • If necessary, anesthesia is performed by applying local anesthetics to the skin.
  • A doctor on the face with a laser acts on areas of the skin where vascular defects are localized.
  • After the procedure, the face is smeared with a cream with a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes.
Small capillaries disappear after the first session. To remove common vascular formations, several courses of laser therapy are required (3-5).

Period of recovery

For the first few days, the skin areas exposed to the laser will be hyperemic and edematous, which is considered a normal physiological reaction of the body to external irritation.
During the rehabilitation period, on the recommendation of a doctor, the patient should adhere to a sparing regimen:

  • Do not allow moisture to come into contact with damaged skin (2-3 days).
  • When caring for the skin, use only medicines prescribed by a doctor.
  • Protect the treatment area from sunlight.
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics.

During the month:

  • When going outside, sunscreen should be applied to the skin of the face.
  • Refuse to visit baths, saunas, swimming pools, solariums.
  • Postpone cosmetic procedures associated with cleanings and various types of peels.
  • Limit active sports associated with increased physical activity.

The course of treatment, the number of sessions, the time of laser exposure is calculated individually, which depends on the size, depth and location of the vessels, as well as on the health status, age and lifestyle of the patient.


Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the doctor’s work and the location of the vessels.

Vascular removal
Article prepared in collaboration with: Bitel Evgenij
Work experience: more than 10 years
Date of publication: 21.02.2020
Update date: 07.04.2022
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