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Laser tatoo removal in Minsk

Body art lovers often face the problem of how to remove a tattoo image from the skin. Tattoo removal in Minsk using thePico Star Asclepion is a new effective method of cleansing the skin from drawings without the formation of scars and scars.Information about tattoo removal.
PICO CLEAR produced by Star Asclepion Lasers is approved by the FDA and has a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

  • General information
  • ⏰ Duration from 15 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures are needed 3-10 procedures
  • ?Recovery 1-7 days
  • ? Equipment Pico Star Asclepion
  • ?Costfrom50 BYN


In the Center of aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” the following prices apply for laser tattoo removal::
Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the doctor’s work and the location of the tattoo.

Pico Star Asclepion Equipment
Removal of colored tattoos

The minimum cost of tattoo removal is 50 BYN

Pico Star Asclepion Equipment
Removal of black tattoos

The minimum cost of tattoo removal is 50 BYN

Reasons for tattoo removal

According to statistics, up to 50% of people with tattoos during the first 10 years tend to reduce them from the skin.
The reasons why the owner of tattoos wants to get rid of them are numerous:

  • The drawings have lost their relevance.
  • Changing tastes and preferences.
  • Poor image quality.
  • Skin damage in the tattoo area.
  • Distortion of the tattoo image due to age-related skin changes (stretching, wrinkling).
  • Protests of loved ones.


Despite the safety of the procedure, a number of conditions have been identified in which the action of the laser can cause an exacerbation of diseases already existing in the patient.

  • Chronic pathologies of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Type I and type 2 diabetes mellitus in the decompensation stage.
  • Skin diseases: dermatoses, dermatitis.
  • Systemic blood diseases.
  • Oncological processes.
  • The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Mental disorder.
  • Individual intolerance to laser radiation.

Types of lasers

According to the effect on the skin , lasers are divided into 2 types:

  • Ablative effect – laser dermabrasion or resurfacing. The laser beam acts on the epidermal layer of the skin, as a result of which the pattern is erased. Laser radiation causes instantaneous heating of the tissue fluid with the effect of vaporization (evaporation of water). Next comes the denaturation of proteins and the destruction of the surface layer of the epidermis with the applied pattern. According to this principle, CO2, erbenium, and thulium types of lasers work.The skin after such a procedure is restored in a week, and complete regeneration occurs within 2-3 weeks. This method is suitable for removing small tattoos.
  • Selective laser exposure or photo cavitation, in which laser radiation penetrates into the deep skin layers, where the dye is concentrated, and the surface layer of the skin remains intact. Laser light with a certain wavelength is absorbed by colored structural elements of the skin, which are destroyed and discolored under its influence.During the procedure, only the cells containing the coloring pigment are damaged, and healthy ones remain intact. To achieve this effect, a certain wavelength of the laser beam is selected for each color (paint) of the drawing. Dyes that have broken into fragments and damaged cells are excreted with a lymph current or when exfoliating the skin.Ruby, alexandrite and neodymium types of lasers are used to perform selective photocavication.

Stages of the procedure

  • The laser device is pre-configured: power, wavelength and other parameters.
  • The patient’s eyes are protected from radiation by glasses.
  • The reaction of the skin to the action of the laser is checked in a small area.
  • The tattoo area is treated with a laser beam.
  • To reduce unpleasant sensations after the end of the procedure, an ice pack is applied to the treated area.
  • An aseptic bandage or patch is applied.

Advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal

Other ways to reduce tattoos: cryodestruction, electrocoagulation, chemical methods, surgical excision severely damage the skin. The healing of skin defects occurs by the proliferation of connective tissue with the formation of rough scars and scars.
Advantages of the laser method:

  • Exposure to the laser beam does not cause burns and other skin damage.
  • The procedure is well tolerated.
  • High efficiency of results.
  • Safety.

To reduce pain, the affected area is anesthetized with local anesthetics or a special cream is applied to the skin.

Information for those who want to remove a tattoo using a laser – prices for the service are formed taking into account the following factors:

  • Drawing areas;
  • Depths of pigment occurrence;
  • Durability of used paints;
  • how long the tattoo is on the skin;
  • Skin conditions;
  • Removal technologies.

To completely remove a tattoo, it is necessary to perform at least 7-10 procedures at intervals of a month.
How much it costs to remove a tattoo with a laser for each patient is decided individually, and the exact price is determined after consultation and examination by a doctor.

Laser tatoo removal in minsk
This article was prepared in collaboration with: Tatiana Vladimirovna Gusakova
Cosmetologist, Dermatologist of the 1st category,
Work experience: more than 15 years
Date of publication: 21.02.2020
Date of update: 27.01.2023
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