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The Center of Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” performs laser removal of warts, papillomas and other skin neoplasms of viral etiology in Minsk. Laser removal of neoplasms on the skin in our center is carried out by a modern medical CO2 EVOMATRIX laser of 2018.
Laser removal of neoplasms is the most modern method in modern cosmetology, which does not leave scars when removing small neoplasms or minor traces of removal when removing large neoplasms. This method of removal is the most advanced compared to cryodestruction and electrocoagulation, as it does not require a long period of rehabilitation and does not leave scars on the skin.
To remove neoplasms on the skin with a laser, one or two visits to the doctor are enough.
Papillomas are removed immediately in one session, and warts can be removed twice, since this neoplasm goes into the deep layers of the dermis and is accompanied by a large number of “roots”.
The 2018 EVOMATRIX CO2 medical laser took into account all the modern advanced achievements of previous modifications of this model, and the modern model has a significant range of competitive advantages with similar systems.
The EVOMATRIX CO2 laser removes papillomas, keratomas on the face and other parts of the body very carefully, without scarring.

Why should we get rid of neoplasms with the EVOMATRIX CO2 laser?

  • Absolute accuracy.

The laser beam has high quality and stability of laser radiation generated by the medical system “EVOMATRIX”, each coagulation hole on the skin has an optimal size and equally correct shape with uniform depth over the entire scanning area. Due to this, the uniformity of laser removal of neoplasms is ensured and the risks of affecting a healthy area of the skin are eliminated.


Depending on the size and shape of the patient’s neoplasm, the doctor can choose:

  • 1. One of 25 power levels.
  • 2. One of the 26 filling densities.
  • 3. One of 20 processing depths.
  • 4. One of 3 types of scanning.
  • 5. One of the 4 possible shapes and also optimize the size of the scanning area. Thanks to such wide optimization possibilities, EVOMATRIX provides the highest flexibility in the selection of treatment protocols and maximum efficiency in the removal of tumors of viral etiology.


How does laser removal of neoplasms occur?


    • If during the consultation at the Center of Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” the doctor advises the patient on the possible removal of the neoplasm. If the doctor is convinced that the neoplasm is benign, you can perform the removal procedure. “The Center of Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” removes neoplasms of viral etiology.
    • If the doctor has doubts about the malignancy of the neoplasm, it will be recommended to obtain the opinion of an oncologist surgeon and undergo a cytological (histological) examination. Only an oncologist surgeon has the right to decide on the removal of such formations.
    • The procedure of laser treatment of papillomas, warts and other neoplasms is painless. The place of exposure is anesthetized — you do not feel pain or burning. The procedure can take place in one visit or two, when it comes to deep neoplasms.
    • A crust forms at the site of the removed neoplasm, which cannot be removed. It will disappear by itself in 10-14 days. In the process of caring for the area of the body on which the neoplasm has been removed, it is necessary to follow the rules of asepsis and the doctor’s recommendations.

Removal of multiple neoplasms (doctor’s recommendations):
The doctor recommends, as a rule, to remove multiple papillomas in one visit. The reason is that a large number of papillomas is a lesion of the human papillomavirus (HPV). If the human papillomavirus manifests itself in various parts of the body, do not rush to remove it, as this can lead to more serious consequences!!!

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