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  • Body care
  • Facial care
  • Consultation 20 BYN
  • Anestesia 10 BYN
  • Dermoscopy of nevi / moles
  • from 1 to 3 items 20 BYN
  • more than 3 items each subsequent element 5 rubles
  • Automated digital body mapping for multiple nevi/moles:
  • to 100 items 250 BYN
  • more 100 items to 200 items 350 BYN
  • more 200 to 300 items 400 BYN
  • The cost of removing moles / nevi based on the size of the formation:
  • Size to 0,5 сm 35 BYN
  • Removal in a difficult area (face, armpit, groin, mammary gland) 50 BYN
  • Size from 0,5 to 1 сm 40 BYN
  • Size more than 1 сm to 2 сm 50 BYN
  • Removal of stitches 15 BYN
  • Histological examination of a mole for citizens of the Republic of Belarus 15 BYN
  • Histological examination of a mole for foreign citizens 30 BYN


One of the significant cosmetic and clinical problems are pigmented nevi or birthmarks, better known as moles. Benign skin neoplasms caused by the accumulation of melanocyte pigment cells have various shapes, sizes and locations. Some of them give their owners a unique charm, while others cause aesthetic or physical discomfort and even become a cause for serious health concern due to a possible degeneration into a malignant formation. And then the question arises about the possibility and necessity of their removal.

  • Common information
  • ⏰ Duration 30 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures 1 procedure
  • ? Price from 30 BYN



Removal of moles
The Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” has the following prices for mole removal:

To whom and when is the removal of nevi recommended?

The appearance of moles on the skin is associated with periods of high activity of melanocytes (2 year, 5-6, 12-15, 30-40 years). The occurrence of a melanocytic neoplasm at an older age is a reason to consult a doctor. Also, an immediate consultation with a dermatologist is necessary if the nevus increases in size to 6 mm or more, changes color or shape, thickens, hurts, itchs, ulcerates or bleeds.
Mole removal is recommended in the following situations:

  • predisposition or presence of signs of degeneration of a benign neoplasm into a malignant one;
  • localization in areas at high risk of injury (under the arm, under the breast, in the scalp, on the sole, in the collar, inguinal zone, etc.);
  • objective or subjective aesthetic defect.

A dermatoscopic examination of existing neoplasms is preliminarily carried out and, according to its results, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

What are the ways to remove moles?

Removal of a nevus can be performed in several ways:

  • surgical micro-operation followed by biopsy – performed in Marlen;
  • laser destruction;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • cryodestruction.

The Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” performs these manipulations surgically, followed by a biopsy, during the initial medical consultation and dermatoscopy.


The operation is contraindicated in the presence of the following problems:

  • diabetes;
  • immunopathology;
  • herpetic and other skin rashes in the problem area;
  • increased body temperature;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • severe bleeding disorders.

Moles are not recommended to be removed during pregnancy and during the period of active sun.

Is preparation necessary and how is the procedure carried out at the Aesthetic Medicine Center “Marlen”?

Surgical removal of moles in Minsk, at the MC “Marlen” is carried out without special training. Patients taking certain medications should notify the doctor in advance. Women are advised to perform this operation after menstruation.
Local anesthesia is used to anesthetize the surgical area. After excision of the pigmented nevus or birthmark within the unchanged tissues, the wound is sutured. For moles smaller than 0.5 cm, a seamless connection is used, followed by the application of a special bandage. Due to the secondary tension of the tissues, sutures are not needed, the wound surface will be tightened. In some cases, additional vaporization with a fractional CO2 Evomatrix laser may be required.
The removed fragment must be sent for histological examination to exclude malignancy and the risk of developing melanoma. After 5-7 days, the sutures are removed and the patient is introduced to the result of the histological examination. The average healing time is 1-3 weeks. Throughout the recovery period, it is necessary to carry out antiseptic treatment of the wound with chlorhexedine, use a healing ointment (Levomekol or its analogues), protect yourself from sunlight and strictly follow all the doctor’s recommendations.
The Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” performs diagnostics and removal of moles on the face and body in Minsk by appointment. Leave a request on the website or call the number listed in the “contacts” section.

To determine the nature and nature of the removed tissue fragment, we recommend histological examination.

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