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  • Milium removal size to 0,5 сm 10 BYN (for 1 item)
  • Milium removal (to 10 items) 50 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 20 items) 70 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 30 items) 100 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 40 items) 130 BYN
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  • Milium removal (to 60 items) 170 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 70 items) 190 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 80 items) 210 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 90 items) 230 BYN
  • Milium removal (to 100 items) 250 BYN

Milium removal

Milium (horny cyst, whitehead) It appears on the human body as a small superficial cyst of the sebaceous gland, which contains thick sebum and keratin. The Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” offers a modern way to remove milia using a very advanced laser system – a medical laser.СО2 «EVOMATRIX» 2018 year of release.

  • Common information
  • ⏰ Duration from 10 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures is needed 1 procedure
  • ? Recovery 7 days
  • ?Equipment Evomatrix CO2
  • ?Price from 5 BYN



The Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” has the following prices for laser removal of benign skin tumors (miliums):

Most often, milia appear as dense, painless, non-inflamed whitish nodules, 0.5-3 mm in size, located in the T-zone of the face, on the cheeks, and eyelids. Sometimes milia can be placed on the trunk and genitals.

Foto before and after

Who is prone to milium

Milium may occur in the following patients:

  • With a thick form of seborrhea with hyperdysfunction of the sebaceous glands.
  • With increased secretion of sebum and its increased viscosity due to a decrease in the amount of linoleic acid and an increase in the level of stearic acid (this contributes to intense keratinization, i.e. hyperkeratosis in the hair follicle, its blockage with a mixture of thick sebum and horny masses with the formation of comedones.
  • Thick seborrhea is also characterized by the appearance of deep cysts of the sebaceous glands – atheromas and acne vulgaris.

It is very difficult and irrational to get rid of milium with improvised means at home, as this will leave scars.

Benefits of Laser Milium Removal

  • When removing milium with a laser, only the milia itself is removed (the laser diameter is 0.1 mm).
  • Healthy tissues are not injured in comparison with such methods of removal as cryodestruction or electrocoagulation.
  • When using a laser, removal occurs without blood loss, since milium do not lie deep.
  • When using a laser, the equipment does not come into contact with the skin, which excludes infection with hepatitis and HIV infection.
  • A scar is not provoked at the site of removal of the milium.

Laser removal of milium

  • Laser removal of milium is carried out by a very advanced CO2 laser “EVOMATRIX” of 2018. This equipment is very convenient and comfortable to work with.
  • The advantage is that the laser allows you to choose a very thin beam to remove small, barely noticeable placers of milium on the human body.
  • The doctor can use completely different settings, taking into account all the features of the human body, skin structure, patient age and a number of other factors.
  • Milium removal is completely painless. Your doctor may recommend different types of anesthesia.
Milium removal
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Publication date: 20.10.2018
Update date: 07.04.2022
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