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  • Lip area 20 BYN 15 BYN (20 BYN when using Small Tip)
  • Single hair removal 10 BYN
  • Hair removal in any area on the face with the Facel TIP (for example, due to a tattoo on the face) 25 BYN 20 BYN
  • Complex No. 2 (shins, thigh, upper lip, deep bikini) 145 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex No. 4 (Temples, ears, cheeks, nasolabial triangle, chin, front of the neck, back of the neck) 59 BYN 50 BYN


Even the most attractive face can be spoiled by such a detail as a dark fluff or hairs above the upper lip. There are many ways to deal with this aesthetic defect, but most of them give a very short-term result. And only laser removal of the antennae allows you to get rid of the problem effectively and for a long time. A safe technology based on the principle of selective photothermolysis selectively destroys active hair follicles. As a result, after the first procedure, about 40% of unwanted vegetation disappears.
Soprano ICE Platinum – an innovative approach to laser hair removal
In the center of aesthetic medicine “Marlen” epilation of the upper lip is carried out with the support of the multifunctional Soprano ICE Platinum system. An innovative platform that combines the properties of neodymium, alexandrite and diode lasers, allows you to remove any hair, regardless of their thickness and color. In addition, there is a targeted effect not only on melanin, but also on the vessels that feed the hair follicles. And thanks to the advanced cooling technology, the three-cluster laser hair removal of the antennae is safe, painless and comfortable.

  • Common information
  • ⏰ Duration from 10 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures 10-12 procedures
  • ? Recovery not required
  • ? Equipment Soprano ICE Platinum
  • ? Price from 10 BYN


Price on complex

When ordering a complex of laser hair removal services, you save up to 40%.


Creamy prices for all types of services related to laser hair removal. Complexes of services for laser hair removal are lower than those presented on Slivki.

As of July 1, 2022, we were visited by:

  • 6000 ladies
    got rid of hair
  • 130 ladies
    course per month

We work with regular customers with a frequency of about 1 time in 6 months.

Preparing for laser hair removal

In order for laser hair removal of the upper lip to be as effective as possible, you need to follow a number of recommendations. 2-3 weeks before the appointed date, you must:

  • minimize sun exposure, refrain from visiting a solarium;
  • avoid any kind of mechanical removal of unwanted vegetation, except for shaving;
  • do not take medications that can cause photosensitivity;
  • do not use alcohol-based cosmetics

The course of the procedure

  • after placing the patient on the cosmetology chair-couch, the area above the upper lip is treated with a local anesthetic and antiseptic. Then, to ensure optimal contact with the laser handpiece, a contact gel is applied to the skin;
  • after calculating the required wavelength, the cosmetologist treats the problem area, with an emphasis on each individual hair. Thanks to anesthesia and a powerful cooling system, epilation is painless. A slight tingling sensation may be felt;
  • at the end, to relieve redness, Panthenol or another anti-inflammatory regenerating agent is applied to the skin. On average, the duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. 10-12 sessions are required to achieve the maximum effect.

Skin care during recovery

Within 2 weeks after the removal of the antennae, it is recommended:

  • protect your face from sun exposure;
  • use sunscreen or lotion;
  • do not wash your face with hot water;
  • avoid situations that cause excessive sweating.


  • Intolerance to laser radiation;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Acute infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • Skin problems in the affected area;
  • Malignant tumors of any localization;
  • Severe form of diabetes mellitus;
  • Tendency to hyperpigmentation.

We advise you to consult with your doctor first! Seek advice from the doctors of the Marlen Center – they will tell you what to expect from laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal of the upper lip
Article prepared in collaboration with:Nepomnjashaja Marina
Physiotherapy nurse of the 1st qualification category
Work experience: more than 18 years
Publication date: 22.02.2020
Update date: 18.01.2023

How to enroll

You can sign up for the procedure by calling:
+375 (17) 317-99-87 (Городской)
+375 (29) 317-99-86 (A1)
+375 (33) 317-99-82 (МТС)

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