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  • Cheeks and chin 30 BYN
  • Chin 20 BYN 15 BYN (20 BYN when using Small Tip)
  • Beard hair remove 50 BYN 45 BYN
  • Single hair removal 10 BYN
  • Hair removal in any area on the face with the Facel TIP (for example, due to a tattoo on the face) 25 BYN 20 BYN
  • Complex No. 4 (Temples, ears, cheeks, nasolabial triangle, chin, front of the neck, back of the neck) 59 BYN 50 BYN


Laser hair removal for men, the price of which at the Marlen aesthetic medicine center in Minsk is fixed at an affordable level for patients, is no longer an unusual and rare procedure. Hair removal for men is a way to remove unwanted hair on both the face and body. The laser hair removal method is especially in demand among actors, athletes, models, bodybuilders and other members of the stronger sex who prefer smooth, well-groomed faces.
Laser hair removal of the beard and mustache area is often used by men with sensitive skin, in whom daily shaving leads to ingrown hairs and folliculitis – inflammation of the hair bed.
Eyebrow epilation for men allows you to correct the hairline, as well as get rid of excess vegetation in the area between the eyebrows.

  • Common information
  • ⏰ Durationfrom 10 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures8-10 procedures
  • ? Recoverynot required
  • ? EquipmentSoprano ICE Platinum
  • ? Pricefrom 10 BYN

Prices on complex

When ordering a complex of laser hair removal services, you save up to 40%.


How does laser hair removal work?

The procedure is performed on lasers (alexandrite, diode, neodymium), which differ from each other in wavelength.
The principle of operation of the laser during hair removal is as follows:

  • The light pulse of the laser affects melanin (coloring hair pigment).
  • The absorbed light energy turns into thermal energy, which destroys the hair follicle.
  • Not only the hair follicle itself is damaged, but also the capillaries that feed it.
  • Hair shafts, deprived of nutrition, die off and gradually fall out.
  • In the place of the dead hair follicles, hair no longer grows, and the skin remains smooth for a long time.

Laser radiation acts on hair that is in the stage of active growth, but does not affect dormant hair follicles. This makes it necessary to repeat the procedure, since as the bulbs awaken, new hair begins to grow.
The full course of epilation of the beard and mustache zone for each man is individual, but on average it usually includes at least 10 sessions with an interval of one month.


Laser hair removal is recognized as safe, but there are conditions in which the procedure can cause complications or deterioration in the health of the patient.
These include:

  • Oncological processes in the body, regardless of localization.
  • Acute infectious diseases occurring with fever.
  • Damage to the skin in the epilation zone: acne, dermatitis, cuts, burns, the presence of moles.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Decompensated forms of diabetes.
  • Age up to 18 years.

Hair removal with a laser is not carried out with gray and very light hair, practically devoid of melanin.

Preparation for the procedure

You should not sunbathe before laser hair removal, as the increased content of melanin in the skin will make it difficult for the laser beam to interact with the hair follicle.
It is forbidden to mechanically and chemically injure the skin in the epilation area: do not use hair removers (resins, creams, wax), do not wipe the face with alcohol-containing lotions.
The day before the procedure, shave off the hair in the epilation area. The recommended hair length should be 1-2 mm.

Recovery period

After the procedure, the skin in the laser treated area may look swollen and reddened. The use of anti-inflammatory moisturizers for several days relieves all symptoms of skin irritation.
Within 2 weeks, visits to baths, saunas, solariums, swimming in open and closed reservoirs are prohibited.
Sunscreen is applied to the face before going outside.

Laser hair removal in men's beards
Article prepared in collaboration with: Nepomnijashaya Marina
Physiotherapy nurse of the 1st qualification category
Work experience: more than 18 years
Publication date: 22.02.2020
Update date: 18.01.2023
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