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  • Bikini (deep) 45 BYN 40 BYN
  • Bikini (classic) 40 BYN 35 BYN
  • Complex No. 1 (Deep bikini, belly strip, buttocks, hips) 119 BYN 100 BYN
  • Complex No. 2 (shins, hips, upper lip, deep bikini) 145 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex No. 3 (shins, buttocks, deep bikini) 105 BYN 90 BYN
  • Complex No. 5 (Bikini (deep), belly strip, buttocks, shins) 110 BYN 100 BYN
  • Complex No. 7 (Bikini (deep), belly (strip), shins, thighs, armpits, buttocks) 179 BYN 140 BYN
  • Complex No. 8 (shins, deep bikini, armpits) 109 BYN 85 BYN
  • Complex No. 9 (shins, hips, deep bikini, armpits) 139 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex No. 10 (shins, hips, deep bikini, belly strip) 139 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex No. 13 (shins, hips, ch. bikini) 130 BYN 105 BYN


Laser hair removal deep bikini is a cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted vegetation in the intimate area on the human body.
In our time, laser hair removal has become particularly relevant, as frank bikini swimsuits have come into fashion, which only minimally cover intimate places. From the name of the swimsuit, the intimate area began to be called the bikini area. Many women prefer to remove all hairs on the pubis, in the groin and gluteal regions.

  • Common information
  • ⏰ Duration 10-20 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures1 procedure
  • ? Equipment Soprano Ice Platinum
  • ? Price from 40 BYN

Prices on complex

When ordering a complex of laser hair removal services, yousave up to 40%.


In Minsk laser hair removal can be done in Beauty salons or Aesthetic Medicine Clinics.

Mechanism of laser hair removal

ПWhen laser radiation is applied to the hair follicle (follicle), the process of converting light energy into heat occurs. As a result of a thermal reaction, the pigment melanin, which provides hair color, is destroyed, and then the follicle. Rootless hair falls out, the follicle hole overgrows, and the skin exposed to laser hair removal becomes smooth without signs of vegetation.
Laser beams affect locally only the hair follicle, while not affecting the skin, lymph nodes and other organs in the affected area.
Body hair sequentially goes through three stages of development: the resting phase, the phase of active growth, the phase of cessation of growth.
Laser hair removal is effective only during the active phase of hair growth. To achieve a sustainable result, laser treatment sessions should be repeated every 2-4 weeks to remove growing hairs that have moved from the resting phase to the active growth phase.
The number of sessions depends on the individual physiological characteristics of the human body, on the thickness and color of the hair, on the hormonal background, on zones processing.
Laser hair removal has a number of advantages over other methods of removing excess hair on the body – such as shaving, sugaring, using wax or cream as a depilatory.
With laser hair removal:

  • There is no damage to the skin.
  • Hair does not grow into the skin.
  • Pain during the manipulation is minimal.
  • After the procedure, the effect of smooth skin remains for a long time.

During depilation, only the hair on the surface of the skin is destroyed; during epilation, the entire hair is removed from the root, as the follicular apparatus is damaged.
Other common methods, in addition to the laser, allow you to get rid of unwanted vegetation only temporarily, for a short time, that is, they are depilated. After a while, the hair begins to grow again. In addition, these methods have a number of side effects; they cause irritation, redness, itching of the skin, increases the risk of cuts and the development of inflammatory processes in the form of pustules on the skin.
Laser hair removal – a radical approach to solving the issue removal bikini area hair. Since the follicular hair apparatus is destroyed, the hair stops growing in this area.
It is not recommended to sunbathe and use self-tanning products 2 weeks before laser hair removal. The length of the hair in the area to be removed should be within 3-5 mm. After the procedure, you should not visit baths, saunas, swimming pools for 2-3 weeks, and you should also refuse to take hormonal drugs, antibiotics, and some antipsychotics (after consulting a doctor).
Laser hair removal hairline в bikini area in the center of aesthetic medicine “Marlen” is performed on modern types of lasers.
Lasers differ in wavelength, in terms of operating power, in operating mode (continuous, pulsed).

Characteristics of lasers

Alexandrite. The beams of this pulsed laser are intensely absorbed by melanin, so it is used only in fair-skinned people. Any type of hair except gray.
The diode laser is effective on dark hair, but has poor results when used on white people. Diode models are equipped with vacuum cooling, so the procedure does not cause pain and burns.
The neodymium laser is suitable for epilation of both dark and light hair. To remove blond hair, the treatment area is first treated with a carbon microsuspension to dye them dark so that the laser beam can destroy the melanin pigment, and then the follicle.
Usually for complete hair removal in area bikini a course consisting of 6-8 sessions is required, with intervals between them of 20-30 days.


  • Oncological processes in the body of any localization.
  • Pathological changes in the skin in the area affected by laser irradiation: eczema, psoriasis, abrasions, burns.
  • Tendency to form keloid scars.
  • Diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation.
  • Acute infectious diseases occurring against the background of high temperature: influenza, acute respiratory infections.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Severe somatic diseases: angina pectoris, hypertension and others.
  • Skin hypersensitivity to laser radiation.
Laser hair removal deep bikini
Article prepared in collaboration with: Levitskaya Olga
Physiotherapy nurse of the 1st category
Work experience: more than 16 years
Publication date: 22.02.2020
Update date: 18.01.2023
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