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  • Armpits 25 BYN 20 BYN
  • Bikini (classic) 35 BYN 30 BYN
  • Bikini (deep) 40 BYN 35 BYN
  • Upper lip 20 BYN 20 BYN when used Small Tip)
  • Chin 20 BYN 20 BYN when used Small Tip)
  • All the body 250 BYN.
  • Fingers 8 BYN 5 BYN
  • Toes 8 BYN 5 BYN
  • Hands 13 BYN 8 BYN
  • The place between the eyebrows 25 BYN 20 BYN
  • Cheeks 20 BYN 15 BYN
  • Temples 20 BYN 20 BYN when used Small Tip)
  • Anterior surface of the neck 20 BYN 15 BYN
  • Back of the neck 20 BYN 15 BYN
  • Back of the head 20 BYN 15 BYN
  • Chest (halo) 20 BYN 15 BYN
  • Chest (full) 50 BYN 40 BYN
  • Shoulders 30 BYN 25 BYN
  • Forearms 30 BYN 25 BYN
  • Back 45 BYN 40 BYN
  • Belly strip 20 BYN 15 BYN
  • Stomach 45 BYN 40 BYN
  • Buttocks 40 BYN 30 BYN
  • Thigh 55 BYN 50 BYN
  • Thighs 55 BYN 45 BYN
  • Back of the thighs 30 BYN 25 BYN
  • Anterior thighs 30 BYN 25 BYN
  • Loin 30 BYN 25 BYN
  • Single hair 10 BYN
  • Hair removal in any area on the face with Facel TIP (for example, for a reason of the tattoo on the lips, brows) 25 BYN 20 BYN
  • Complex №1 (Bikini deep, belly strip, buttocks, hips) 119 BYN 100 BYN
  • Complex №2 (Calves, thighs, upper lip, deep bikini) 145 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex №3 ( Calves, buttocks, deep bikini) 105 BYN 90 BYN
  • Complex №4 (Temples, ears, cheeks, upper lip, chin, front of the neck, back of the neck) 59 BYN 50 BYN
  • Complex №5 (Bikini (deep), belly strip, buttocks, shins) 110 BYN 100 BYN
  • Complex №6(Hands, armpits, shoulders, forearms) 79 BYN 65 BYN
  • Complex №7 (Bikini (deep), belly strip, shins, thighs, armpits, buttocks) 179 BYN 140 BYN
  • Complex №8 (Calves, bikini deep, armpits) 109 BYN 85 BYN
  • Complex №9 (Calves, thighs, deep bikini, armpits) 139 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex №10 (Calves, thighs, deep bikini, belly strip) 139 BYN 110 BYN
  • Complex №11 (Calves, thighs) 110 BYN 90 BYN
  • Complex №12 (Calves, thighs, armpits) 125 BYN 95 BYN
  • Complex №13 (Calves, thighs, deep bikini) 130 BYN 105 BYN


Are you embarrassed to wear your favorite open dress because of the hairs on your body? Are the places of ingrown hairs constantly itching and blushing? Is shaving long and unpleasant? Laser hair removal in Minsk is a procedure that effectively, comfortably and safely removes excess hair.
The specialists of our center in Minsk perform the procedure quickly, painlessly and efficiently, as they use a modern device Soprano ICE Platinum.
Its advantages are that it combines technology of different wavelengths: — alexandrite (755 nm) against light and diode lasers (810 nm) – dark hairs. The nozzles are selected according to the type of hair (structure, pigment)
The Center of Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” invites to a series of procedures everyone who is going to evaluate the advantages of laser hair removal in Minsk and prefers to deal with excessive facial and body hair radically and without pain.

  • General information
  • ⏰ Duration from 10 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures are needed 8-10 procedures (according to indications)
  • ? Recovery is not required
  • ? Equipment Soprano ICE Platinum
  • ? The price from 10 BYN

Prices for complexes

You can save up to 40% when you order laser hair removal services.


Creamy prices for all types of laser hair removal services. Complexes of services for laser hair removal are lower than what was presented on Creamy.

As of July 1, 2022, we were visited by:

  • 5,000 girls
    got rid of hair
  • 120 girls
    per month take a course

We work with regular clients about once every 6 months.

How and what equipment we use for laser hair removal

Soprano ICE Platinum for laser hair removal removes hairs according to the principle of selective photothermolysis. That is, it emits light that acts only on melanin, the pigment responsible for the dark color of the hair. The pigment is heated, and because of this the hair follicle (bulb) is destroyed along with the vessels from which it receives nutrition. The “sleeping” bulbs also lose their ability to produce new hair, which are also partially destroyed by the outbreaks.

How many sessions do I need?
In one procedure, our specialist destroys about 20-30% of the hairs along with the follicles. The number of sessions is individual and depends on the thickness of the hair, its structure and the pigment of the hair.
We advise you to come for repeated procedures every 4-5 weeks until a lasting effect is achieved. A good aesthetic result is achieved in 8-10 sessions, with the exception of areas that are hormone dependent.
The session passes quickly (15-60 minutes), the procedure does not irritate even sensitive areas of the body with thin skin. The result is preserved for several years. Before you do laser hair removal, we recommend that you read the list of contraindications below.

Number of procedures:Result after:
After 1 procedureRemove 20-30% hair. At the same time, they begin to fall out not immediately, but 2 weeks after the procedure. That is, to assess the quality and effectiveness, you should wait 2-3 weeks.
After 2-3 procedures“Sleeping hairs” may wake up, so during this period we can only guarantee a slowdown in hair growth.
After 4-5 proceduresUp to 60% of unwanted hair will be removed. But do not forget that the result can be evaluated no earlier than in 2 weeks.
After 6-7 proceduresBy the 6th procedure or immediately after it, “sleeping hair” wakes up, which the laser also needs to cope with.
After 8-10 proceduresUp to 90% of unwanted hair will stop spoiling your life. You will be able to fully evaluate the quality and enjoy the result 3 weeks after the end of the course.

Foto before and after

Why do more and more Minsk girls want to do laser hair removal with Soprano ICE Platinum

?Laser hair removal Soprano ICE Platinum? – the most comfortable and safe in Minsk:

  • This model of the device gradually heats the upper layers of the skin and hair follicles, excluding tissue burns.
  • The device completely covers the area thanks to a special nozzle and a special technique of In-Motion movements, making the penetration of the treated area as efficient as possible.
  • The ICE ™ cooling module quickly cools the skin after a flash, removing soreness.
  • Laser hair removal is possible on light hair and light skin.


The session is quick (15-60 minutes), the procedure does not irritate even sensitive areas of the body with thin skin. The result lasts for several years. Before laser hair removal, we recommend reading the list of contraindications below.

1) If you have exacerbations of herpes or other systemic skin diseases.
2) Are you treating diabetes mellitus
3) You are being observed by an oncologist or have skin neoplasms with an unknown prognosis.
4) For dark-skinned people. Owners of very dark skin by nature or due to long exposure to the sun.
5) Pregnant women, as well as the lactation period
6) Those who are prone to the formation of keloid scars.
7) The presence of acute infectious diseases.
8) Allergy to the sun.
9) High temperature. The period of taking antibiotics.
10) The presence of inflammatory formations on the skin in the acute stage.
We advise you to consult your doctor beforehand or choose another method of hair removal! If you seek advice from the doctors of the Marlene Center, they will tell you what to expect from laser hair removal.
Important! We do not remove hairs with a laser from tattooed areas: the device affects the pigment and leads to fading of the pattern or burn.
Complete absence of burns, painlessness, fast treatment of any areas of the face, body: Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal is a pleasant procedure that will save you, women, hundreds of hours of time!

Nozzles that we use:

Diod 810 нмAlex 755 нмSmall Tip
It is used to remove dark, coarse hairIt is used to remove light, including red fluffy hairUsed to remove single facial hair
Women: legs,arms, chest, stomach, back, armpits, face, bikini areaWomen: legs, arms, chest, stomach, back, armpits, faceWoman: single hair on the face (eyebrows, nostrils, upper lip, chin and other areas on the face)
Men: arms, chest, stomach, back, armpits, faceMen: arms, chest, stomach, back, armpits, faceMen: Single hair on the face (eyebrows, nostrils, ears, correction of the beard and other areas on the face)

On which areas we do Laser hair removal?

In our Medical center Laser hair removel is possible on the face and body in any areas, where undesirable hair grow (face, arms, legs and bikini area, belly and back) :

areas, where we do laser hair removal

How much does laser hair removal cost in Minsk?

The price of the session depends on the area of the treated area. The number of procedures is selected individually and repeated until most of the hair is removed. Please note that bleached downy hair or gray hair that does not contain pigment is not removed.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

When choosing where you can do laser hair removal in Minsk, follow our tips on preparation:

  • In 2 days, stop sunbathing and give up self-tanning.
  • Smoothly remove the hair with a razor or depilatory cream to minimize painful sensations during the laser hair removal procedure.
  • Do not do aggressive peels 2-3 days before the procedure.
  • If you used a bleaching compound, used a depilator, plucked the hairs, we recommend not doing this for 2 weeks before laser hair removal, and preferably 21 days (the phase of hair growth is 21 days).
  • Before visiting our center, remove makeup from your face, do not use deodorant and do not moisturize your skin with creams and lotions.

Care and what not to do after the procedure:

  • After epilation, do not sunbathe for 2 days, do not visit the sauna, sauna, spa treatments, solarium, swimming pool accompanied by thermal exposure.
  • Do not resort to any type of epilation affecting the hair bulb (shaving is allowed)
  • Do not do an abrasive skin peeling.

Why should you contact us?

  • The most affordable prices for laser hair removal in Minsk.
  • Using a highly efficient Soprano ICE Platinum device with diode and alexandrite lasers (against light and dark hairs).
  • High-quality and stable result.
  • Experienced specialists who take into account your age and skin type.
  • We can work with children who have reached the age of 14, accompanied by one of the parents.
  • Guarantee of absence of burns, scars, pigmentation and other defects on the skin.
  • Convenient location of the center.
  • Promotions for regular visitors.
  • Seasonal discounts on procedures: laser hair removal is a simple solution to the problem of excess hair on the face and body!
Laser hair removal
The article was prepared jointly with: Olga Gennadyevna Levitskaya
Nurse of physiotherapy of the 1st category
Work experience: more than 16 years
Date of publication: 01.03.2020
Date of update: 08.04.2021

How to sign up

You can make an appointment for the procedure by phone::
+375 (17) 317-99-87 (City)
+375 (29) 317-99-86 (A1)
+375 (33) 317-99-82 (МТС)

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