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Histological examination of a mole

The only way to accurately determine the nature and nature of the remote nevus is a histological examination. Pathological analysis of the excised tissue fragment is recognized as the “gold standard” for the early diagnosis of melanoma, which can develop from transformed pigment cells.


When is histology needed?

In view of the steady increase in the incidence of skin cancer, a histological examination of moles is recommended for all patients without exception who have undergone surgical removal of neoplasms. This technique is an essential element of dermatological screening in the following situations:

  • an increase in the number and size of pigmented nevi;
  • change in color and shape of the skin neoplasm;
  • the appearance of uncharacteristic symptoms (itching, soreness, thickening, ulceration, bleeding);
  • traumatic injury;
  • excessive exposure to UV radiation;
  • hereditary predisposition (identified melanoma in close relatives).

How is the histological examination carried out?

After the sampling and sending of the biopsy material to the laboratory, tissue samples are excised from it. Then they are fixed and, with the help of a microtome, cut into the thinnest sections. The resulting preparations are transferred to glass slides, stained with special dyes for better visualization of cell structures, and then examined under a microscope.

What does the patient receive after the analysis?

The results of a histological examination of moles are deciphered by histologists. The examinee receives the conclusion personally or by e-mail in agreement with the patient. If there is a need to revise the drugs, in order to make an alternative opinion, they are also given to the patient in the hands.

Histological examination of a mole
The article was prepared jointly with: Evgeny Bitel
Work experience: more than 10 years
Date of publication: 09.01.2023
Update date: 09.01.2023
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