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  • Consultation 30 BYN
  • Electronic dermatoscopy of pigmented and non-pigmented structures
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  • Automated digital cartography of the body with multiple nevi/moles
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The most prompt and informative method of early diagnosis of malignant neoplasms of the skin is electronic dermatoscopy. Microscopic examination of pigmented and non-pigmented structures helps to identify hidden signs of the oncological process and gives a real chance for successful treatment and full recovery.

  • General information
  • ⏰Duration 30 minutes
  • ✅amount of procedures1 procedure
  • ?Recoverynot required
  • ?EquipmentFotoFinder
  • ?Price30 BYN

Advantages of dermatoscopy

Digital dermatoscopy is a non–invasive diagnostic procedure involving the use of a manual-type epiluminescent microscope with multiple magnification. Its key positive points:

  • no contraindications
  • atraumatic and painless;
  • high visualization accuracy;
  • maximum clear color rendering, in-depth analysis of the structure;
  • instant result;
  • the possibility of detecting a malignant neoplasm of the skin at the earliest, preclinical or I, completely curable stage of cancer.

Unlike traditional, automated dermatoscopy with digital technology allows you to save the results on any electronic media, and monitor the patient’s condition in dynamics.

Indications for dermatoscopy

Differential diagnosis using a dermatoscope is carried out in the following situations:

  • loss of outlined contours, change in color or size of a mole, nevus;
  • inflammation, tingling, itching, bleeding, peeling and other unpleasant sensations in the area of skin formation;
  • accidental tearing or permanent traumatization of a healthy mole, due to pressure or friction
  • pigmented spots and other manifestations of skin dyschromia;
  • vascular growths
  • the appearance of new nevi, warts, papillomas, formations of unclear origin

Patients who have a large number of moles on the body or a malignant skin disease has been diagnosed in the family, a comprehensive examination is recommended, including digital dermatoscopy and mapping of the skin of all parts of the body. In addition, the procedure may be recommended before the planned removal of skin neoplasms.

How to do dermatoscopy: procedure procedure

Integrated dermatoscopic examination of skin neoplasms does not require special training. Previously, it is allowed to use any usual care products. Initially, a thermogel is applied to the target area of the skin, which eliminates all irregularities and provides the most accurate examination. Next, an electronic dermatoscope is guided to the neoplasm (without direct contact). The device repeatedly enlarges the image, which is processed by the computer and displayed on the monitor screen. In conclusion, gel residues are removed from the skin, after which a printout of the results is issued and issued. On average, it takes several minutes to study one object. The total duration of the procedure does not exceed half an hour.

Dermatoscopy at the center of aesthetic medicine “Marlen”

The latest digital visualization system has been provided to the specialists of the Clinic “Marlen” FotoFinder with advanced technology АТВМ, for a comprehensive study of the skin of the body. Our dermatologists, who have undergone two-stage training in modern methods of automated diagnostics based on artificial intelligence, masterfully cope with the recognition of melanoma and differentiation of other melanocytic and non-melanocytic tumors. If you wish to undergo an examination and reliably determine the nature of a mole or other neoplasm, order a callback, and we will contact you as soon as possible. The cost of electronic dermatoscopy is indicated on the clinic’s website, in the section “services and prices”.


Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the doctor’s work and the location of neoplasms and vessels.

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Date of publication: 09.01.2023
Update date: 09.01.2023
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