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Correction of the orbital edge

The Center for Aesthetic Medicine “Marlen” offers a wide range of various services related to injectable cosmetology in Minsk.

  • Common information
  • ⏰ Durationfrom 20 minutes
  • ✅ How many procedures1 procedure
  • ?Recoverynot required
  • ?EquipmentJuvederm, RRS and others
  • ? Price from 500 BYN


The drug is used for the correction of the nasolacrimal sulcus, the correction of the periorbital region, the correction of crow’s feet




Among the most popular injection techniques, the Marlen Center for Aesthetic Medicine offers correction of the periorbital region with preparations based on hyaluronic acid. A cosmetologist can correct the periorbital region without pain and harm to the human body. Correction of the margin of the orbit is a very difficult area for correction, requiring great experience and deep anatomical knowledge.
Correction of the periorbital area is carried out with certified drugs that have registration certificates from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, which have proven their effectiveness around the world.

Correction of the periorbital area can be shown

  • Patients after surgical interventions in the eye area (blepharoplasty) in the photo below require additional correction of the periorbital region.
  • Patients who have experienced age-related changes in the eye area, providing for the possibility of therapeutic correction of the periorbital region.

The figure shows areas that are primarily subject to age-related changes and require therapeutic correction by a cosmetologist.

Correction of the orbital edge

How is the periorbital correction procedure performed?

  • During the initial consultation, the doctor clarifies the wishes of the patient, and subsequently argues how it is possible to complete the task with one or another drug. If the doctor and the patient reach an agreement, the doctor has not identified any contraindications – the time of the procedure is appointed or it can be performed after consultation at the request of the patient.
  • The doctor uses anesthesia before the procedure to create comfort for the patient.
  • In portions, according to clinical protocols, a filler based on hyaluronic acid is injected with thin needles. The cosmetologist uses Juvederm hypoallergenic preparations in his practice – this eliminates the risk of complications or allergies. If the patient is not allergic, other Sayfa brand products can be used.

The contouring procedure lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. After the procedure, there may be slight redness and small bruises that will disappear. In the zone of the lacrimal sulcus, active blood supply, hematomas occur frequently.

Restrictions after the procedure for the correction of the periorbital region

After the procedure, it is necessary to exclude:

  • Visits to baths, saunas, swimming pools.
  • Other contraindications announced during the initial consultation by the doctor.
Correction of the orbital edge
Article prepared in collaboration with: Miftahova Zuhra
Cosmetologist, rehabilitation doctor, sports medicine doctor
Work experience: more than 20 years
Publication date: 20.10.2018
Update date:05.03.2022
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