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  • Все лицо 400 BYN 150 BYN
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  • Щеки 150 BYN 100 BYN
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  • Консультация врача 20 BYN

Pico Star Asclepion — is the most powerful picosecond laser in the CIS and Europe, which has no analogues. This is the development of Asclepion, one of the largest players in the global market of medical and aesthetic equipment.

Compared to the predecessors of this laser, the modern picosecond laser has a shorter pulse duration, that is, it can transfer more energy to the skin in a shorter time.
A picosecond laser —is a laser that not only splits the pigment, but divides it into such small particles that are excreted by phagocytes and macrophages. As an example, a nanosecond laser “crushes rock into stones”, and a picosecond laser “crushes rock into dust”.
These are completely new technologies and a new generation of lasers, which were not previously available in Belarus. We are the first in a new page of history!

PICO STAR manufactured by Asclepion is approved by the FDA and has a registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.
Область применения




  • Removal of postacne without significant trauma to the skin.
  • Year-round use without a long rehabilitation period.
  • Removal of tattoos and tattoos in all shades of the rainbow (from blue to green to red).
  • No special preparation is required before the procedure.
  • Tattoo removal
Chronic somatic diseases in the acute stage
Blood diseases (leukemia, leukopenia, anemia, hemophilia)
Viral diseases
Pregnancy and lactation period
Benign and malignant tumors

At the Marlene Medical Center, the picosecond laser is available in a complete set:

нм/ 532 нм
  • tattoo removal – black, blue, gray, red, orange, green;
  • superficial pigmented lesions (lentigo);
  • deep pigmented lesions (melasma);
  • postacne, laser peeling.
MICROSPOT – 1064 нм
нм/ 532 нм
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • skin remodeling;
  • photoaging.

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